The applied warranty and warranty term for every purchased product is mentionned on your invoice and has as start date the delivery date. The standard warranty is the so called Carry-in warranty (also labelled as manufacturer’s warranty), except if the invoice explicitely mentions differently.


To make a repair or an exchange possible, the following terms need to be considered:


1. All of our products are submitted to the specific Service & Guarantee conditions

A warranty on your purchase is only possible if you are in possession of the original invoice. No exceptions can be made, so please make sure you keep your invoice in a safe place.


2. The warranty applies to the normal production and material features. Mechanical and electronic components are only guaranteed for one year.


3. Damage that occurs following wrong use or manipulation by the owner can never be invoked and fall under the Service and Guarantee conditions.


4. Partly or complete repair by a non qualified third person makes all further claims invalid





A. Carry-in warranty

Concerns a standard warranty that is admitted on specific products by the manufacturer/supplier. The purveyed warranty is at all times limited to the warranty offered by the manufacturer/supplier. If one notices a defect or imperfection during the warranty period, it can be brought or sent back to our showroom. It can also be picked up by our services in certain cases.

If we establish after inspection that the item is indeed defect, it will be returned to the supplier or manufacturer for repair or exchange. This intermediate step is taken in order to avoid transport and handling costs that are charged by the latter for sending in items that are not really defect.

We are not responsable for possible transport costs which are charged by the supplier/manufacturer for resending purchased merchandise.


B. DOA (Dead-on-arrival)

This term implies that the purchase was already defect or imperfect or damaged at the precise date of acquisition. The DOA guarantee period is maximum 7 days after purchase. If one notices a defect after taking it in use it is of utmost importance to take measures to bring the item back or at least send a written notification within the set terms. The item will be repaired or replaced within the shortest possible timeframe after deliberation with the supplier/manufacturer.


Please feel free to contact us for all further information at: info@michelangelo-interiors.be.